miércoles, 4 de junio de 2008

Recomiendo. David Lakein

Pego la información del taller que impartirá este creador estadounidense, en Alemania este verano, del 11 al 25 de agosto en Berlín y Stolzenhagen.

Muy interesante la creación e improvisación a partir de imágenes.

advanced workshop in composition,
improvisation, and performance skills

Working individually and in small groups, we will make several images each day, either quickly with reckless abandon or slowly with careful consideration. The frame of our creation process will vary greatly: completely open, tightly structured, with a specific focus, or global theme. We will refer continously to these questions: What disctinct components does an image have? Which are central and which act in a more supportive manner? Where are the boundaries of an image; when does is begin, end? What are the differences between an image and a larger scenic entity? In working with the elements of body/figure, movement/action and setting/atmosphere, we will gain a more nuanced and precise awareness of how they influence, and in which ways interact with each other.
We will explore the compositional tools available to us as we develop and refine our images. Addressing and further clarifying such issues as timing, location in space, audience position, will enable us to make our images more visceral and intelligible, powerful and resonant. Our aim is to deepen our awareness of the choices we confront and options at our disposal during the different stages of the decision-making process, and in so doing, gain a greater degree of freedom and feeling of trust with our images.
The body and its position within an image will be investigated closely, as well as some essential performance skills. An important part of our research will be exploring the diverse textures and distinctive aspects of presence. Our investigations will include: whether there is such a thing as a neutral, disinvested body; the differences between “being” and “presenting;” how to draw or defer the audience’s attention.
An essential aspect of the image-making process is developing an intuitive sense and considered understanding of when and how to ask relevant questions of ourselves and others. We will investigate how to approach asking for, receiving, and giving feedback, and how it can be organically integrated into the creation process.
On some occasions we will leave the familiarity of the studio, working and performing in different environments, inside and outside.
There will be an informal showing at the end of the Lab.

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